Adult Summer Reading 2019: A Universe of Stories

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, the adult summer reading theme this year is A Universe of Stories. You may register here or at the Recommendations Desk (you must be 18+).

The basic rules are simple, but there are more ways to win this year! Every reading log of five books earns you a chance to win prizes. Pick whatever you want to read for these books, as long as it is at an adult level (or your reading level). There will be two weekly giveaways picked randomly from turned in reading logs, as well as a chance to win grand prize baskets awarded at the end of the program. Drawings will be held on Monday, August 12.

As a twist this year, you can complete bonus logs to earn more chances to win. There are three different bonus logs: Space-themed Non-fiction, Space-themed Fiction, and Space-themed Videos. Since the goal of the Adult Summer Reading Program is to read as much as you can, you may only use the bonus logs a limited number of times—four times for the books, and once for the videos. You must also have completed at least one other reading log in order to use the video bonus log. This can be the standard reading log or one of the other bonus logs.

If you aren't selected for a prize one week, all prior completed reading logs will carry over to future drawings, including the grand-prize. Limit: one weekly prize and one grand prize per person.

For more information, please call the Carnegie-Stout Public Library at 563-589-4225, ext. 2225.