Teacher Cards

The Carnegie-Stout Public Library offers Dubuque educators resources for classroom use through a special TEACHER CARD program that has been designed to meet the informational and other reading needs of teachers, daycare providers, and their students. TEACHER CARD holders can complete a Teacher Request Form and librarians will pull a collection together for the classroom to support curriculum topics. The following guidelines apply to this service:

• Teacher Cards are available to educators working in private and public schools or childcare facilities who qualify to get Carnegie-Stout Public Library card.

• An applicant for a Teacher Card must review this policy with a library staff member, agree to the conditions of this service, sign the agreement and application form, and have a photo taken that will be tied to this account.

• If a teacher holds a personal library card, the account must be in good standing. An account in good standing is one that has fines totaling less than $10.00.

• Teacher Card accounts must be renewed annually

• Teachers will be allowed to check out a collection of books for classroom use only and not for personal use.

• The collection of books is available for loan for an extended period of 6 weeks and are not renewable.

• Educators may select their own books through the Library’s catalog using the Teacher Card, or Teacher Card holders can also complete the Teacher Request Form and librarians will pull a collection together to support requested curriculum topics. There is a 30 book limit and 5 books per topic.

• The applicant assumes financial responsibility for all lost and damaged items and overdue fees. It is recommended that all items remain in the classroom.

• Books from the Teacher Request Form will be checked out to the Teacher Card within 3 working days of the request. Checking the teacher account online will be helpful in tracking items checked out. Books are held for pickup for 7 days before being checked back in and reshelved. Items not picked up with the 7 days are subject to $.50 fine per item up to a maximum of $5.00.

To get a Teacher Card you must:

• Bring in school ID, or letter from principal or director on official stationary including name and dated with current year.

• Fill out a Teacher Card application

• Show valid driver’s license with current address

• Have photograph taken

Teacher Request Form