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Carnegie-Stout - IPac Instructions

iPac Instructions

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Search Tab

  1. Starts with…-A search that begins exactly as it is typed. (i.e. if you are looking for John Grisham, under Author, you would type “Grisham”, or “Grisham, J”, or “Grisham, John”). Searches can be conducted by Author, Title, Serial Title, Series, Subject, and Kids Title.
  2. Contains…-A search that “contains” some part of what is typed. Searches can be conducted by Author, Title, Subject and Series. Patron can also limit results to a certain collection, language, or media type. Also, the information can be sorted by Author, Media, Title, and Publication Date.
  3. Power Search-A search that lets the patron control the parameters under which a search is performed. Searches can be conducted by General Keyword, Author, Name, Title, Subject, Series, Barcode, Dewey Call Number, ISBN/ISSN Number, and Uniform Title. Patron can set limits to a certain collection, language or media type. Also, the information can be sorted by Author, Media, Title, and Publication Date.
  4. Audio/Visual-A search that goes through all of our Videos, DVDs, Cassettes, CDs, Cassette Audio Books, CD Audio Books, and CD-ROMs. Searches can be conducted by Audio Book Title, DVD Title, Exact Title, and Video Title.
  5. Recent searches-A listing of all of the searches that have been performed within that session.



My Library Record Tab

  1. Overview-After entering library card barcode and PIN, the Overview should give the patron a general summary of what is happening on your library card.
  2. Checked Out-This will give the patron a detailed list of the items that are checked out to them as well as a list of overdue or lost items. It will also explain how many times an item has been renewed and, if the maximum has not been exceeded, allow the item to be renewed by clicking on the renew button.
  3. Holds-This tab will give the patron a detailed list of the items that have been placed on hold by the patron. It will give an indication of which items are available, and which items are still on the holds list.
  4. Fines/Blocks-This tab will give a detailed explanation of any blocks that are attached to the patron’s library card. Examples of blocks would be: fines, lost items, holds that are ready to be picked up, Inter-Library Loans that are ready to be picked up, etc. If fines are owed, the amount will be viewable under Current Balance.
  5. Profile-This tab displays the patron’s address, phone number, and email address. If any of the information is incorrect, simply click the request change button, and the next time the patron checks out a book, the circulation staff member will be alerted. Also, the patron can change their PIN to whatever they want.



Online Databases Tab

The Online Databases tab takes the patron to a listing of all of the databases that the Carnegie-Stout Public Library subscribes to. Columbia Grangers’ is for patrons searching for poetry. Ebsco and Wilson Web Search are for patrons searching for Periodicals and abstracts. First Search is for patrons that are searching for Books or Videos in other libraries. Career Boards is a career guidance tool. Grant Select is for help in finding and preparing grants. HeritageQuest is census information, local histories and genealogical information. The IRS link is for help with tax forms. LawCheck is a legal reference guide. Mitchell is for help in auto repair. Newsbank is for searching newspaper archives. NovelList is a reader’s advisory service. Reference USA is for obtaining addresses and phone numbers.



Newspaper Search Tab

  1. Starts with…-Searches can be conducted by Title and Subject for articles in the Telegraph Herald from 1998-2001.
  2. Contains…-Searches can be conducted by Title, Subject and General Keyword. Also, search items can be sorted by Clubs and Organizations, Newspaper-Title, Fugitive Facts-Questions, and Q&A-Question.
  3. Recent searches-A list of all the searches that have been performed during the session.



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