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1. How many items can I check out?
2. How long is the check out period?
3. Can I renew items?
4. How many times can I renew something?
5. Do I have to come into the Library to renew something?
6. What is the TeleCirc number and how do I use it?
7. Can I put an item on hold?
8. How will I be notified when something is ready for me to pick up?
9. Where do I pick up an item that is waiting for me?
10. Where do I go to ask for something to be borrowed from another library? (known as interlibrary loan)
11. Where do I pick up an item borrowed through interlibrary loan (ILL)?
12. Can interlibrary loans be renewed?
13. Can I still check out if I have an overdue item or a fine?
14. How much are the late fees?
15. Can I return items after the Library is closed?