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Art @ Your Library Application

  1. Calling all local Artists (within 50 mile radius of Dubuque, IA)

  2. Art @ your library® continues the historical relationship between the Library and the Arts. Currently, the library maintains a rotating display of its permanent collection. The Dubuque Carnegie-Stout Public Library is celebrating Art @ your library® by bringing unique local exhibits to the Library. Every other month, the library matches two dimensional and three dimensional artists (or group) to display in the newly renovated historic rotunda area. An artist reception for each show highlights current artists work to friends, library patrons, and collectors. Art may be for sale.

  3. A yearly juried sale is open to all accepted artists in mid-November through December. (Just in time for holiday shopping).

  4. To apply for Art @ your library® please complete and submit the form below, which requires you to upload 3 work samples. If you need help, please contact Denette in Library Administration at (563) 589-4313 or

    • You may apply at any time.
    • Applications are reviewed quarterly by the Dubuque Carnegie-Stout Library Art Subcommittee, consisting of artists and art professionals.
    • You will be contacted with acceptance and discussion of show dates shortly thereafter.
    • If you are not selected to participate, you may be given tips and pointers toward the success of your next application.
    • Once accepted, you need not apply again, but will be contacted for inclusion in subsequent Art @ your library® exhibits.

  5. If you do not have an email address please enter "none".

  6. What types of media do you generally work in? (i.e. paintings, sculptures, photography, etc.)

  7. 100 words or less

  8. Are you interested in:

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  9. Preferred Exhibition Date 2019-2020*

  10. i.e. title; materials; size; technical and conceptual aspects of each

  11. i.e. title; materials; size; technical and conceptual aspects of each

  12. i.e. title; materials; size; technical and conceptual aspects of each

  13. Artists whose work is not representative of the images submitted will be asked not to exhibit.

    • All artwork will be displayed on easels and pedestals. There will be no wall hanging. This may affect size limitations of your submissions.
    • Art may be offered for sale. The Library will receive a 20% commission to reinvest in Art @ your library®.
    • Art must be ready for display including being framed.
    • The Library can offer security strips on art works and has some security cameras in place, as well as alert staff but cannot accept liability for theft or damage to art works.
    • By submitting this form you agree to the guidelines.
    • Questions? Call the Library at (563) 589-4313.

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