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Children's Program Room (1st Floor)

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Contact Library Administration at (563)589-4313 for use of this space.


  1. Audience Style
  2. Board Meeting Style
  3. Classroom Style A
  4. Classroom Style B
  5. Classroom Style C
  6. Closed Square Meeting Style
  7. Conference Style
  8. Display/Refreshment Table
  9. Empty Room Style
  10. Open Square Meeting Style
  11. Projector (optional)
  12. Projector w/DVD Player (optional)
  13. Projector w/Laptop (optional)
  14. Screen (optional)

Room Capacity

Room Setups available for this room

Amenities available for this room
  1. Display/Refreshment Table
  2. Projector
  3. Projector with DVD Player
  4. Projector with Laptop
  5. Screen

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