Purchase Suggestions & Interlibrary Loan Requests

The Library welcomes suggestions for titles from patrons with full-service cards. Before making a suggestion, please check the online catalog to see if the Library already owns or has ordered the material. If an item is in the catalog, you may reserve it.

Purchase suggestion guidelines:

  • Suggestions for items not yet published will not be considered.
  • Generally, if an item is more than three years old it will not be purchased, and you may want to consider interlibrary loan. There is a $3 fee for each interlibrary loan request.
  • The Library cannot guarantee that you will be the first on a hold list for a purchase suggestion.
  • You are allowed three purchase suggestions per month.
  • If you’re looking for popular upcoming titles, especially from bestselling authors, don’t worry, we have our eyes on them too. There’s no need to suggest them.
  • Only one title per suggestion will be accepted. Suggestions with more than one title will be declined.

To submit a purchase suggestion or interlibrary loan request, please login to the Library’s online catalog here.