Ali Levasseur

Ali Levasseur Artist Statement –Circular February 2015

This Circular series explores two ideas.

First, falls under the term “Nerd Pop Art”. Pop-Culture today is filled with concepts and ideas that were considered nerdy or geeky 20 years ago. Television networks contain more science fiction and fantasy shows then years ago. While films have often supported the genre, today, science fiction and fantasy films are mainstream blockbusters;The Avengers, Star Trek, the highly anticipated Star Wars The Force Awakens are a few examples. The Doctor Who reboot in 2005 has connected generations with the love of one character, one universe and is a large part of Pop-Culture.

While watching the rebooted Doctor Who, I learned the beauty of circular Gallifreyan; the written language of the Doctor’s race, the Time Lords. Circular Gallifreyan uses circles and lines to create letters, words, and sentences, while it has information within it – it also is beautiful to look at. I have chosen circular Gallifreyan to express my ideas and concepts visually.

Being a fan of science fiction and fantasy has not always been as supported as it is today. Do you remember your favorite super hero, cartoon, or fictional character from your youth? At that time did you see merchandise about this character in stores? Growing up in the 90s I have experienced outcasts finding each other to share their fandom. I attended Star Con with my family as a young adult but didn’t really talk about it. Now I am not ashamed. I learned more about life and the human experience through the stories of the characters celebrated at the convention.

Second, you will see the elements and principles of design, behind the pure lines, colors, and shapes, in what can be seen as abstract or non-representational art.

The Elements and Principles of Design are at the base of all artwork. The Elements can be thought of as the pieces that make up the whole: line, shape, color, texture, plane, space, and value. The Principles are how we use those elements to create a composition: unity, repetition, movement, variety, proportion, and balance.

Design is all around us. It can be seen in the houses where we live, the chairs we sit on, the packaging of our cereal. All have been designed. Fine Art, traditionally painting, drawing, and sculpture, take the work of design from utilitarian to something more. All Art starts here and this should help you understand that my work began here as well.

- Ali Levasseur