Jac Tilton & Abby Hayes


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Abby Hayes
Abby was born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa. She graduated from Coe College, where she studied art and public relations. While her subjects may vary, she is always detail-oriented. She could live with just one lens-- macro, of course.

 Abby has titled this body of work as 'Growth' -- as all are images of plants. She selected this theme because of our current season, in which there is little daylight and a seeming lack of vibrancy and life. 'Growth' is to serve as a reminder of what we have left behind and what we have to look forward to.

 While vivid colors are naturally present, she wishes to also draw the viewer's eye to the minute textures and patterns that are not always visible, and, more importantly, not always noticed and appreciated.

 This show is in memory of Abby’s cat, Lucky. He loved nature-- maybe not the flowers, but definitely "those birdies". 

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Jac Tilton
Jac, who is originally from central Illinois, has made his home in the Galena-Dubuque area since 1969. He is a former art educator, and has held various management positions in advertising, marketing, graphic design and web development during his career. Accepting a position with the University of Dubuque a few years ago provided time for him to devote more time to his first loves: painting and drawing.

 Jac has worked almost exclusively in watercolor for the most of his career, but recently has added non-representational works in graphite, carbon and charcoal to his portfolio. His watercolors and drawings are in private collections across the U.S and Canada.

 He is a member of the National Watercolor Society, the Transparent Watercolor Society, a signature member of the Illinois Watercolor Society and a former member of the Board of Directors and Signature Member of the Iowa Watercolor Society. Jac was also a founding member of the Galena Artists' Guild.


Artist Statement:

Many of my watercolors result from my attraction to old or out of the way places and subjects. I'm attracted to these subjects not from a sense of nostalgia but because of the patina that the process of existing imparts to them. The results of their use, abuse, neglect or abandonment makes for very interesting subject matter.

My figurative watercolors result from capturing people in a candid moment when they are the most natural and least self-aware.

My current drawings are essentially exercises in creating “interesting marks”. The drawings are, for the most part, process driven. They begin with little more than a general concept and proceed to the finished state based almost exclusively on what happens along the way.

Whether the medium is watercolor or monochrome, the process of creating the work involves applying many layers to create an image. In watercolor, it's a combination of washes, glazes and dry brush. In monochrome works, graphite, carbon and charcoal, the process of layering involves applying, smearing, erasing, and re-applying until a satisfactory combination of contrast, value and texture are achieved.